• Travel without a bad conscience?
  • Time prosperity as a new carot?
  • Wake-up calls for the activist in us?

The 20 young climate activists wanted to focus particularly on these topics when we invited them to the Climate Action Retreat about a year ago to St. Gilgen.
And that is what they did. In the meantime, tailor-made new communication formats and campaigns have emerged. Being currently tested and finished, these formats will be presented in summer 2019!

Climate Action Retreat, St. Gilgen 12.-16.04.2018

We were overwhelmed by more than 400 applications for the upcoming Climate Action Retreat in St. Gilgen!


The participants of the retreat will learn more about how to communicate about climate change in creative, stimulating, exciting ways.

Together with other young people engaged in climate change, and supported by multi-media professionals and scientists, you will design new climate media formats to be shared with the community as creative commons. With this retreat we aim to discover some exciting new creative methods to open up new horizons for climate change communication.



You will work with a range of campaigners and researchers as well as people who are new to the movement. This international retreat brings people from different countries at different stages of their environmental journey together to share and reflect on challenges.

The programme will provide enough time for nature experience, reflection and exchange with other participants (through sunrise hikes, evening yoga etc.) to refresh and nurture our creative potential and to leave the retreat with loads of new ideas, impressions and a new network for future actions.

More details on the programme will follow soon